Psychic Abilities: Mumbo Jumbo or Something Else? Scientific Discussion Only Please!

Right first thing: any statements made by me in this forum topic are to my knowledge completly true and un-exagerated.
Does anyone here believe that it is possible for someone to be psychic, or have "preminitions of the future"?
I for one believe it is entirely possible, or more correctly is true.
For I more or less have had preminitions of the future. Do't believe me? I will now describe one of the acourences and attempt to point out how it wasn't entirely a dream
Right, I'm in 4-H and one of the competions we have is called Food Show. All it is is that you have an interview with the judges and are asked questions about food and nutrition and the food item you have made.
Anyways, about a month prior to one of these Food Shows, I woke up after having a dream about it. Since I already had had helpful preminitions before, I quickley jotted down everthing. Any ways I dreamed about my interview and the judges, I dreamed that I walked down a hall, to a room I've never seen in my life, yet was exactly how it looked when I saw it for real. I then proceded with my interview, who I could distinctly see, yet I'd never met or seen them before. I had my interview (boring details of my questions and answers left out), and I walked back out. I woke up at that moment, for I had sleep-walked into my doorframe (this is the only preminision that I woke up from, all the others I would only fully remember until briefly before the event was ging to happen), and I quickley jotted down the details. So ayway fast forward to the day of the contest, I see for the first time one of the judges, who I had never seen before yet she was the exact same one from the dream. Anyways a little later I found myself heading down the same hall to the same never-before-seen-yet-recognised room and the same judges one who I never had seen yet recognised, and the one I had seen previously. We proceded with the interview, that went exactly as I dreamed, I even cracked a joke that I woud never have done if I hadn't "foretold" it's success. I wound up winning, so I must have done a good job. Has anyone esle had similar experiences? Are there any scientific explanations? Your input is greatly desired.

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black hole5 years ago
Remote viewing/psychic abilities are 100 percent real. I have a small level of natural skill. I can often predict which side will land up in a coin flip. In my case, I believe it to be partly genetic. My mom, when told that so-and-so is going to have a baby, can almost always tell if it'll be a boy or a girl. If you want to improve your abilities, check out the free 'ESP Trainer' app, developed by Russell Targ, an expert remote viewer. It's been quite helpful.
would you say that you get your coin flip predictions correct, on average, 50% of the time?
No, it's fairly random, sometimes I'm completely wrong, but I'm trying to improve.
completely wrong as in you guess "sevens!" instead of heads/tails?
Okay, maybe the coin toss wasn't the best example. What I'm trying to say is, I sometimes know which side will come up. It's not just guessing.

On a side note, read some books by Russell Targ. He explains this much better than I do.
i sometimes "know" which side will come up's called guessing. it's how everyone "knows" which side will come up....sometimes. unless you can remove the "sometimes" bit, then you are, in fact, guessing not knowing.

you're suffering from something really common, it's called confirmation bias. youv'e decided that you can predict a coin flip, and you're shaping your evidence to support that conclusion. instead of looking at the evidence to arrive at a conclusion.
Look, I wasn't asking for an argument. I was simply stating what happens to me. If you've got a problem with it, too bad.
you were stating something as fact, as evidence of "supernatural" powers of prediction. i.e. ESP or psychic ability.

after your own descriptions of all of your "skills", you do not meet the criteria of actually posessing anything other than random chance. sorry if that makes you sad or angry, but it's reality.

I really don't care what you think, and I wish you'd get off my back about it.
listen, you're the one that came here and made a claim. would you like to retract that claim?
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