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Reaction from the girl who sits in front of me in English, who is somewhat introverted and doesn't talk much, upon seeing my shirt today:

"Dude, your shirt is so cool! That's an awesome robot!"

Apparently Robot has a fan club. Who knew?

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=SMART=7 years ago
ccccamerons got an loooover :)
iBurn =SMART=7 years ago
She wants to huuuuuuggggggggg him, she wants to kissssssssss him, she wants to-...actually I probably shouldn't say that for fear of robot coming after me...
CameronSS (author)  iBurn7 years ago
iBurn CameronSS7 years ago
:D I get comments on my pirate bay shirt alot too.
kelseymh iBurn7 years ago
You mean comments like, "Why in God's name are you wearing that?!?" > ba da bing <
iBurn kelseymh7 years ago
No like "PIRATE BAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" high fives are typically mandatory as well.
haha just messin with ya cameron
Kiteman =SMART=7 years ago
(He didn't deny it - maybe that was a sigh of contentment?)
CameronSS (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Not so much...from what she has said, I gather that she's kind of nuts. So maybe Robot's fan club is made entirely of weirdos. Would make sense, given the people on this site. :P
Try wearing one with the Smash robots on, or Robbie the Robot, see if you get the same response.

(Or sneak her a scrap of paper that says "wanna meat the *real* robot?" and put the site's url on it.)
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