Published for 3 days yet not showing up in recent or search

Hi all I published my instructable 3 1/2 days ago and it is not showing up anywhere on the site. I have searched it and looked through all the recent pages. On my profile it says it has been published. The site just updated and is still not showing it.


Jayefuu2 years ago
Which Instructable? This one?
DRH1469 (author)  Jayefuu2 years ago
Yes that one. Is it up yet? I just searched it again and it's still not there.

I wonder if it could be because I live in SAfrica?

Jayefuu DRH14692 years ago
It's probably because it looks a LOT like spam. There is a lot of ebook related spam and scams around at the moment, so someone may have thought it was that, which to be honest, I don't blame them, it looks spammy.

If you wanted to retain the content and make it look less like spam, may I suggest that you change the method? You could show people how to save a page as a PDF using the print to PDF functionality in browsers, then show them how to use Calibre, a popular, free and trusted ebook management program to convert from pdf to LRF, MOBI or EPUB. Unless of course that's your site and you just want to advertise it.... in which case my suggested method won't interest you.
DRH1469 (author)  Jayefuu2 years ago
Thanx I will delete it soon and take the suggestions you have mentioned and make a new instructable. I agree now that I look at it from the wider audience it does look a bit short and like spam. I don't want to advertise the site but I have been looking for a way to save instructables to a pdf.


(P.S. If I were pro I would send you a patch B) )
DRH1469 (author)  DRH14692 years ago
It's not my site Forgot to mention
Jayefuu DRH14692 years ago
There is functionality to save Instructables as PDFs available for pro members. Keep writing Instructables and I'm sure you'll earn some sooner or later for getting featured, then you can download all the PDFs you want.
DRH1469 (author)  DRH14692 years ago
Just deleted it THANX again :)

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