Publishing isn't working

I have had no problems in the past but all the sudden a text keeps coming up saying:X please add decription before publishing.
I have added a description everytime, plus saved it.  Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

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improyo6 years ago
same problem
I have the same problem. just want to kick the computer!!
Kiteman6 years ago
I have just been in touch with HQ - bug fixes are on the way, some imminently.
>snorts< I hope the lack of response means that they are working so hard on the bugs that they can't take 60 seconds to post that exact thing themselves.
I second that! Though I'm going to >chortle< instead of >snort<.
Chortle, the classier snort.
sorry, I'm afraid it needed to be posted in the form of a question to be acceptable.
Which staff member(s) is/are so busy, glued to their screens and typing non-stop for hours at a stretch, that they could not post that one line? Why did Kiteman have to do it? What, Autodesk doesn't make enough money to grab a guy on the street, pay him 10 lousy bucks, sit him down in front of a laptop and say "Here. Type these words. Then hit "post comment"? I hadn't realized they were so poor. I may send a donation to HQ. Tell them that if Corvidae is going hungry I'll pay for some baby food or something. I hate to think of staff being so poor that they can't even feed their kid because they have so little money they can't pay people to do their jobs.

Did I mention it's ridiculous that there's not a single solitary post on this from anyone official?
I'm officially nuts. What am I, chopped liver?
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