Pump action crossbow with a mag

Alright, I've had this idea for like forever and I finally got a working prototype yesterday. It has a pump with two prongs on the side which catch the rubber band bow as it is fired and then pulls it back. The trigger is a triangle shape so the rubber band can slide over the top, but still be caught on the back. The system has a few kinks, but mostly it just isn't that smooth. I hope to work them out and eventually be posting.

Picture of Pump action crossbow with a mag
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have you tried this design using wood
TheDunkis9 years ago
damn you beat me to the repeating crossbow. Oh well I still have the repeating slingshot sniper. Well I can't wait for this to be finished. You just gave me a couple ideas for the trigger. I just have to figure out the barrel for it.
You and me both (bout the crossbow) ah well, I say post.
jollex9 years ago
You, are amazing.
Ithaca379 years ago
cool!! post please!!!