Punctured speaker dust cover (bubble)

I punctured the dust cover (the centermost part of the speaker that looks like half of a ball) of a Sonance Visual Performance VP65 speaker.  The puncture is about 1/4 inch in diameter and did not touch any of the internal parts. Can this be repaired?  Will it affect the performance of the speaker?

Picture of Punctured speaker dust cover (bubble)
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gmoon4 years ago
Replace it. Dust caps are usually between $1 and $10 USD.

If you must try a repair first, superglue paper over the hole, then stiffen the paper with more superglue, carefully. Don't let any glue inside the cap or near the voice coil.
edieppa2 (author)  gmoon4 years ago
What I'm trying to determine is if a repair is actually necessary. Will leaving the puncture as is affect the speaker's performance? Will repairing it improve anything other than appearance?
gmoon edieppa24 years ago
Removing the cap altogether will probably change the frequency response somewhat--it could be a negative change, but not always--you might prefer it without the cap.

Repairing the cap will just keep dust out of the voice coil, the "motor"-- it's primary function. It could work well for years without the cap, but if the speaker has very close tolerances, dust and dirt could shorten it's working life considerably...
edieppa2 (author)  gmoon4 years ago
Thanks, that's basically what I needed to know. I'll repair it. I can pull out the piece that's dented inwards with very light suction then secure it with a dab of superglue.
TeckyBecky4 years ago
You could try some sugru, very thinly rolled out and GENTLY placed over the hole.. Should be fairly easily removable if it does affect the sound. Or black electrical tape may work.
Kiteman4 years ago
Use the speaker - does it sound OK?

If it sounds fine, I would leave it alone - fixing the hole will involve sticking thing into or onto the cone, which *will* affect the sound.

If you are offended by the look if the hole, fix a grill over the front if the speaker.
edieppa2 (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
It does sound fine. I will definitely take your advice. I don't offend very easily anyway. I'm hoping that being that it's called a "dust cap" that that is it's main function and doesn't directly contribute to the speaker's performance. Thank you very much.