Push-mower blade removal

Heylo everybody! :)
I have a self-propelled mower that I am disassembling for a go-kart (probably). I've gotten everything off of it except for the engine. I know where the bolts are to take if off of the mower deck, but here's the problem: the blade won't come off.
I've blocked the blade in both directions and tried to loosen the middle bolt by turning both left and right, but the mower is pretty old and the shaft and bolt are probably rusted to craps. I also attempted shearing off the bolt with a crowbar and hammer, as well as cutting the head of the bolt off with a Sawzall.
The bolt dulled all the teeth on the metal blade for the Sawzall and dented the crowbar's edges.
So does anybody have any suggestions? I'm really at a loss on this one. I don't have access to a grinder or plasma cutter, which would seriously help out a lot. I was thinking about picking up a cold chisel from the store, but if I'm just being an idiot and turning in the wrong direction or something obvious, I'd rather know that than lop off a bolt and lose some of the hackability of the engine.
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basementhacker (author) 3 years ago

Hey everybody! My neighbor finally got it off. He had a nifty socket set that twists to lock the bolt in and he was able to finally get it out!

Thank you all for your help!

Toga_Dan3 years ago

sometimes, heating the outer part , in this case, the shaft which the bolt threads into, with a torch will cause it to expand enough to let go. even a propane torch may be hot enough. combine this with penetrating oil, impact wrench, etc as necessary,

basementhacker (author)  Toga_Dan3 years ago

I don't have a propane torch... could a propane camping stove work? It would be a serious stretch...

perhaps you could borrow a torch. i dont thinkk theres harm in trying the stove, but its best to have heat one 1 small spot.

use a torch or impact driver. If still nothing, angle grinder, but that may render engine useless, unless you weld the next pulley in place.

basementhacker (author)  laughingjungle3 years ago

I could definitely grind off the bolt. The pulley shown is, as far as I can tell, part of the shaft.

Yes & no. Correct, the pulley is part of the shaft, but once the bolt is removed, the whole pulley-shaft assembly should slide off. What is underneath is the actual bottom end of the engine crankshaft. You'll know, it should still be kinda shiny, with a groove running down the length and it is about 3/16" deep.
basementhacker (author)  laughingjungle3 years ago

Oh... Okay. Do you know about how far up the shaft the bolt is threaded?


2 inch bolt

basementhacker (author)  Triclaw3 years ago

So I just need to keep spraying up around the bolt and wiggling it until it gets loose enough to move out?

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