Put That Down!

"They" have chosen the top 25 "put downs" from American and British TV of the last 40 years.

The list is here

Have you any of your own to add to the list?

This class is from the shallow end of the gene pool, and somebody' peed in it.

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Nan - The Catherine Tate Show. Describing an encounter with an overweight hospital volunteer: "She said to me last time, 'You look bored, Mrs Taylor. I've got three words for you: Barbara Taylor Bradford.' So I said, 'Yeah? I've got three words for you too: calorie controlled diet."

This basically describes my life working in a bookstore.
whatsisface9 years ago
What? There's no History Today in here?

I call skulduggery!

Isn't skulduggery just the best word ever?
No, uber is =]
Kiteman (author)  KentsOkay9 years ago
Spots flimsy excuse to tell current favourite joke

Why are pirates so wicked?
Xellers Kiteman9 years ago
Here's a good one I heard in my math class: Q: What's a pirate's favorite drink? A: Aaarange Juice
Kiteman (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
I don't know, they just aarrrgh!
Bran Kiteman9 years ago
Why do seagulls fly over seas, and not bays?
Bran Bran9 years ago
Because then they'd be bagels!
*scratches head* Sorry, your humor attempt was lost on me...
ba-dum-da (rim shot)
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