Put the robot on your browser.

So yesterday when I had the usual Firefox Google page open up there was a little thing at the bottom that advertised an add-on called Personas. I checked it out and it turns out it has a lot of different "skins" for Firefox that you can interchange without restarting your browser. So, when I saw that you could make your own skins I thought of one thing, an Instructables persona, and here it is. For those who think that the amount of orange on each page of Instructables is not enough for their daily lives.

The file for the footer is 3000x100 pixels. The file for the headers is 3000x200 pixels which is required for the headers and footers. The pictures below are just showing what the right sides of the different headers look like. The links below lead to the original files for the headers and footers so you can make them a part of your browser, just follow the instructions here, go to "Do I have to add my Persona to the public gallery?".

Just download the original pics from these pages.
The persona for the first one is finally available on Personas

Picture of Put the robot on your browser.
Robot Header 1 preview.jpg
Robot Header 2 preview.jpg
Robot Header 3 preview.jpg
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Bigev8 years ago
Most Awesome!
n8man (author) 8 years ago
Update bump
ItsTheHobbs8 years ago
YES. I'm using this now.
Let's see a screen shot, then!
The Header 1 that I'm using makes the bookmarks in my bookmarks bar tough to see at one spot. But it's awesome still.
shot of persona.tiff

I had to chuckle - looking at a picture of this topic on this topic. It's a bit recursive...
Yeah. Well, I suppose it's better than the homepage wit the Norton ad...
Keith-Kid8 years ago