Pyrotechnics Ignitor

My current hobby is EVERYTHING TO DO WITH FIRE. Usually I burn ethanol (I am not a super green person i just cant buy gasoline) . Can i just use an old camera and take the power from the flash and use this as a detonator. I would like something a little nicer WITH A BIG RED BUTTON though lol.

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I wouldn't waste nichrome wire for setting fuel on fire(or, for that matter waste fuel by setting it on fire), if however I did I'd fill a plastic drinking bottle with your fuel, then wrap a few turns of nicrhome wire(out of an old toaster or hair drier or sumtin) around the bottle, nice fireball and you could wire up a bunch to go off at the same time, cheap too! A very simple and effective squib can be made by taking a flashlight(not the little bulb out of a camera, I mean an actual torch you hold in your hand that lights stuff up in the dark)apart and getting the little bulb, then all you do is file a small hole in the tip of the bulb with a nail file and fill it with whatever low explosive powder you can get your hands on,(crushed up safety match heads would even work)then seal it with a drop of wax or a tiny bit of tape. Now when you pass current through it, it will go "pop" with a bit of smoke and a little flash, this does definitely work before anyones asks, I've done it, and I have already explained this method on a other topic(search!), and it is'ent my idea either, terrorists have been using it for years.
littlechef37 (author)  Mr Slippy Fist9 years ago
uguy9 years ago
You can't buy gasoline?
He's proberbly like 12 or something.
littlechef37 (author)  Mr Slippy Fist9 years ago
13 to be exact.
Little young to be playing with fire, aren't you? But then again, I played with fire in the back of science class when I was in the 8th grade...
littlechef37 (author)  Doctor What9 years ago
maybe so but its still fun to blow the @#$% out of things. It all started when i was about eleven and i started building those little stoves out of pop cans. And then i started stacking these stoves and rearranging the holes to make the flames shoot 12 feet in the air. But Then one exploded. So thats why i want to make a detonator. Then I can be away from the danger. Safety First. I maybe young but i am wise............And then there was that time I poured water into a can of burning oil ... boy that was stupid ! But I wont make that mistake again. I got the idea of using a camera for a detonator from when i took one apart when i was about 8 and I gave myself a good jolt.
well, i think as mr. slippy fist said a squib would be a good option, and im not sure but I believe that car lighters use nichrome wire maybe if you got ahold of one of those and made a simple detonator you would have what you need.
littlechef37 (author)  astrozombies1389 years ago
yeah maybe ill go to a car wrecker and see if i can get the cigarette lighter part out of a car.....CARMART
well, thats just an idea, im not sure if a car lighter would be a significant source of nichrome wire, or how you would dissect it but its definitely worth looking into. But you would not want to attach the wire to a flash capacitor, something more like a 9volt battery might even do the trick, but you should have copper wire for most of the wire and just nichrome at the way end.
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