Q&A not appearing in recent list.

I posted a Q&A question 20 hours ago. The URL is When I go to the Recent Q&A section at, it doesn't appear. Is there a step that I'm missing when I submit the question?

Kiteman2 years ago
It's probable that some aspect of the question has triggered the site's automatic filters, and is awaiting release by a human being.

It's been the weekend, so they're catching up on the backlog, but if it doesn't show in the next couple of hours, PM Randofo or email
yoyology (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
This seems to happen frequently when I'm posting to Q&A. Can you tell me what might be triggering the filters? Are hyperlinks a problem?
StumpChunkman2 years ago
It looks like it's up. I see it in the recent feed now.
yoyology (author)  StumpChunkman2 years ago
Yes, indeed! Thank you for the heads-up.