Q;s for L96

I have heard that people have had some problems with this gun so please post your questions and I will try to help you solve it! P.S please post only your questions and no videos,pictures unless they are part of your question thanks

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knexsniper18 years ago
i would like to make a removable mag for yellow rods, but i need help. help?
when i shoot it the bullet comes out below the barrel and i don't know how to fix it.
It is meant to. The fake barrel is just that.
tomboyRme19 years ago
is the bullet meant to come out the barrel?
the long barrel? no
pls9 years ago
Tried to make your L96, think its great looking gun, but i got stuck on the rod that you use to push the bullet in to the ball joint connector, if you could clarify that, it would be awesome, thanks!! peace.
deathsithz9 years ago
under neath the barrel what it the piece that keeps the broken orange piece from falling out of the blocked position?
ironman69 (author)  deathsithz9 years ago
a rubber band slings it back into position
popomaster9 years ago
I just noticed something, do you really need this forum cuz it looks like no one is posting questions and its already been a week XD Just answer the questions on the instructions :D
ironman69 (author)  popomaster9 years ago
yes but I get so many other junk non related comments that I don't really check on it
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