Question 2 atheists.....?

What if ur wrong?

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krusher296 years ago
God is like your brain you cant see or touch your brain, but you belive its there because you want to and you can only find out if it exists when you die.

and you can only find out if it exists when you die

Go on then, I'm interested. How can you find out that your brain/mind exists when you die?

You disagree with human biology and the likes of Descartes?

You've never had an MRI or anti-seizure surgery, have you?
Lol but I'm an atheist
A wrong analogy subverts your argument. Find an accurate analogy.
That doesn't shield you from being incorrect.
I've seen my brain.

Maybe you mean "Mind"?
slasinski (author) 10 years ago
The "Big Bang" and "evolution" is just a lie told by atheist. Its just propaganda with no real proff or evidence. While the Bible does have true scientific facts and actually makes sense.You half to learn how to stop falling for atheist propaganda.
I am an atheist, have I fallen for my own propaganda? Silly me, I thought I'd arrived at my stance by independant thought and relevant discussion. I have to say , I have never understood how anyone can put forward the bible as "proof" of anything when it's known to have been written over time by a variety of people and sections written to include the biases and customs of those seperate times. I don't get it.
lemonie slasinski10 years ago
I prefer atheist propaganda over theist propaganda. Please enlighten me as to these "true scientific facts" within the Bible, as I must have overlooked them. L
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