Question 2 atheists.....?

What if ur wrong?

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krusher296 years ago
God is like your brain you cant see or touch your brain, but you belive its there because you want to and you can only find out if it exists when you die.

and you can only find out if it exists when you die

Go on then, I'm interested. How can you find out that your brain/mind exists when you die?

You disagree with human biology and the likes of Descartes?

You've never had an MRI or anti-seizure surgery, have you?
Lol but I'm an atheist
A wrong analogy subverts your argument. Find an accurate analogy.
That doesn't shield you from being incorrect.
I've seen my brain.

Maybe you mean "Mind"?
rickharris6 years ago
If I am wrong we will ALL be surprised. For all I know this is heaven and I am rapidly heading towards the rather worse alternative. Not a happy thought.

Any value system based on supposition, faith and dubious historical documentation in my poor opinion is aligned with perpetual motion and free energy.

You get plenty of followers and advocates of both of them as well as a plethora of documentation both first hand and historical and yet neither free energy or perpetual motion can exist.

OH I know - "how do I know that"

I bet you a million Million dollars that when you die it goes black - If you find out different you can collect from me !
crosman019 years ago
okay if there is no god/creator the where did we come from and the big bang theory doesn't work cause were did the gas come from?
If by "all the gas", you mean hydrogen, it formed from the condensation of the vast energies of the BB (matter and energy are interchangeable, E=mc2, it's how stars an nuclear bombs work).

We evolved.

If you're going to say I'm wrong, provide evidence (not scripture, since that has been shown to be historically and scientifically inaccurate).
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