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Ok, so I am guessing many of you know about the Luxeon LED's. I have just one question. Where in the world do you connect the wires from the Battery snap and switch to on the star? Where on the picture below do I put the positive and negative leads? Thank you so much in advance. -Brennn10

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scubascooby9 years ago
I am thinking of converting my old backup diving torch from incandescent to LED. I think it has a 6W halogen that is past it's sell-by-date and would like to use a Luxeon K2 The torch has 3 C-cells (NiCd or MiMh) so supplies about 3.75V Due to the very cramped design I wondered if I can avoid using a current limiter ? The K2 would sit on a metal backing disc (1" or so) and hopefully will sink it's heat into the cells and then into the surrounding water.
gamer10 years ago
If it's a real luxeon, it should be written "Lumileds" on it. Those have 2 positive pads and two negative pads. Now take a good magnifying glass, look close to the pads, and see the plus signs and the minus signs. Both plus are the same, it doesnt matter which one you use. Same thing with the minus. See the picture provided.
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Brennn10 (author)  gamer10 years ago
Thanks! That answered my question fully!
gamer Brennn1010 years ago
no problem, one question, what are you gonna make with the luxeon, im just curious - gamer
Brennn10 (author)  gamer10 years ago
Ohh, probably just another flashlight. Maybe a PVC case or an Altoids tin. I lvoe working with the tins.
gamer gamer10 years ago
Be Sure to respect the specs of the led. Luxeon stars are leds, they are not voltage driven, they are current driven. Be sure to remember that, so maybe think about putting a resistor, it will keep your led safe
Ed6510 years ago
LEDs are current sensitive devices so you may want to add a resistor in your circuit to limit current as needed per the Luxeon spec. sheet. Too much current will be destroy your LED. Voltage, within reason, isn't that cirtical but I'd follow specs. anyway. A simple way to limit voltage is a with a voltage divider which is just a couple of resistors . Look online for details. Hope this helps. Ed65
trialex10 years ago
The solder pads! Luxeon's generally have more than one positive and negative each to allow you to spread out the current. Should be easy to determine which are connected if you aren't sure by using a multimeter.
trialex trialex10 years ago
Dan's page has a good example of hooking up a Luxeon Star as simply as possible

Dan's Data Luxeon Caselight
Brennn10 (author)  trialex10 years ago
Thanks guys. One more question. Do you think I should use two AA batteries or use a 9Volt and a resistor? The one I am looking into purchasing has a forward voltage of 3.4V, so the AA would work fine right?
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