Question about my instructable?

I've got a question about my LED handie. I added it to the contest but someone took it off...WHY? Am I doing something wrong??? Plz answer... I really want to be part of this contest!!! Thanks, Liketoblowthingsup48

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The Instructable can't be older then the contest. Your handie was posted in December.
You could, however, enter an improved version, or slightly different version.
guyfrom7up9 years ago
aybe because you didnt use a resistor and that's just a bad idea
trebuchet039 years ago
Looks like that project doesn't qualify for it - check the contest rules about dates ;)
Did someone take it off or did you put it on wrong ? If it was taken of and you are positive of that was there anything offensive in the instructable ? Other that that your gonna have to wait for the next guy to come along . And what is an L.e.d handie ?