Question dealing with high volt capacitors in series

As we all know (at least most) you can get free cameras at places that recycle disposable cameras. After having my fun hooking then in parallel to attempt coil gun, or just melting holes in water-filled soda cans. But I wanted to try to hook some in series, so instead of 320V, i got 640. I know series adds up so both are fully charged to 320V, but heres my question. 1: Can they ever blow seeing that the output is 640 yet their rated 320? 2: If i discharged between then, can i have a greater chance of them exploding comparing to parallel hooked?

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Goodhart9 years ago
I don't believe the "capacitor's voltage ratings" will be increased by putting them in series. I do know that the total "capacitance" in series will have a lower total capacitance than any single one in the circuit.

C1 * C2
C1 + C2 = CTotal

if they are the same capacitance then it is simply

1/2 * CTotal

make that 1/2 C = CTotal
i was wondering what was up with your equation
That second one I seemed to have dropped something (a token ring maybe, and it rolled under the desk, no less LOL).

I wasn't aware that the voltage ratings increased when putting caps in series, I did know the capactance decreased in series. Oh well, I have to get my books out again and brush up on that stuff :-)

Now where did I put those manuals: Ah here's one.

And my Raytheon Manual
thanks for posting pdfs. i saved the first one, and will read it later.
They are a bit "old" :-) Not that the information is "outdated" but it may be hard to find some of the "parts" i.e. Tubes - LOL
thats why i saved the first one only
I actually do have a few tube manuals around the house here. And a LOT of, so called out dated parts (IC's, etc) Data books, etc. They were useful at one time, now I don't run into those parts as much anymore *sigh*
cap Vratings are increased. its the principal on which the MMC is based. and you need several in series to get a high enough rating for tesla coils.
gmoon tech-king9 years ago
Yep. You'll double the working voltage rating if you connect two identical caps in series. No need to charge them separately. And halve the capacitance, as goodhart noted.
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