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Wasn't sure where to ask this, new to site. Does anyone know of a product that could cover styrofoam and make a hard, shell like covering besides fiberglass?

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426charger4 years ago
hello i build t shirt cannons and im working on a new design i installed 2 solenoid valves behind the manifold but it makes the cannon to heavy so thought i would install the solenoids on the co2 bottles and use 2 1\8'' stainless steel braided lines that are 4 ft long are these lines to small or to long and will the air lines cause a delay from the valves to the cannon
bumpus9 years ago
Could try some bondo, or car filler... Sands smooth, and then easily painted! :D
rodsteryz (author) 9 years ago
I am trying to make a floatable, waterproof contraption that can be pulled behind a conoe. If I can get it figured out I will make an instructable that I am sure will be used by a lot of people. The reason I say that is we have made a prototype, that has not fared so well in the water, that has gone on float trips and the idea has been a huge hit but it needs some refining.
Goodhart9 years ago
This would need to be fooled around with to get the best amount but I noticed this years ago when I tried to paint Styrofoam with spray paint, the it melted it....but once it dried, it hardened. So, maybe the answer is to use more Styrofoam and a little clear coat spray paint with solvent in it to melt it down to create a clear shell. Just a thought.
Kiteman9 years ago
Try asking this in the Forums (specifically Burning Questions).
. Moved from Help:Feedback to Forums:Craft. . Kiteman: If you think Burning Questions is better, it won't hurt my feelings if you move it there.
Maybe it should be in Ride... sounds like he's making body panels. Or not. :P
Kiteman Rishnai9 years ago
Doesn't matter, he seems to be getting the answers he needs now.
Rishnai Kiteman9 years ago
Lol if not, I might have to go back to panel-making schoool.
Rishnai9 years ago
Superluge tends to melt styrofoam, so superglue is out. If you don't need to remove the shell, a gellcoat (for fiberglass) can be applied, then regular paint, followed by several coats of acrylic Future Floorwax or similar product. If you will need to remove the shell, you could use gellcoat, primer, then spary-in bedliner. It would hardly be structural, but it would likely stand on its own. You could vacu-form plastic, if you seal the styrofoam with engine enamel first.
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