Question:how to take a Perfect Picture for an instructable?

Hello all fellow member's of,
i am planning to start writing some instructables on some of my build's,as you all know that clear pictures make an instructaible better,but i am alway's stuck with the picture part unable to get a Perfect picture on the thing's ill be writing about,any suggestion's,tip's,trick's for a noob like me will be highly appriciated.
The camera that i have and plan to use is a 3.2 mega pixel camera in my phone
Thank's for Helping

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Jayefuu5 years ago
Good lighting, a tidy background and good contrast against the background are musts.

How you frame the shot is also important. If you've got a big patch of space in the photo that doesn't add anything, you can crop to just the interesting bits.

Use a program like Picasa to adjust brightness, contrast and colour before uploading to get it perfect if you're really fussy :)
Bobblehead Einstein (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
Thank you Jayefuu,i really appriciate your help :).
cveto5 years ago
Here's one example that I took.
Bobblehead Einstein (author)  cveto5 years ago
awsome pic's :D
blkhawk5 years ago
To be honest, phone cameras are very limited. I used a phone camera once to document my project and they came out nice because I took the pictures outside on a sunny day. Can you get a hold of a digital camera? You can play with the settings and get close up pictures. The more pixels, better the resolution. Also they are getting cheaper every year.
Bobblehead Einstein (author)  blkhawk5 years ago
Sir,i totally agree with you that phone cameras are limited but that is the camera i have,About digital camera,my father and i were having a small discussion on it a week ago & we can't buy a nice one before october, yeh there are cheap chinese camera's available but don't plan on them at all coz they are not much reliable very poor quality of material on them.
Have fun
October has come and gone, did you get a nice digital camera?
If you have not got one yet there are plenty of reasonably priced second hand cameras on ebay that will be a lot better than a phone camera.
Once you have that then you need a tripod, some lighting and suitable backgrounds.

Bobblehead Einstein (author)  yellowcatt5 years ago
sadly could not get a camera , but i did borrow my friend's camera to take the pic's,hopefully i will write a instructable when i get enough time(i am a student & time has alway's been the biggest issue for me to write instructable)
& nice cyborg mask btw :)
Have fun
Kiteman5 years ago
Don't forget after-shot treatments as well.

If you don't have Photoshop or similar, I've had success with the online editor.
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