Quick Question about Batteries

I'm sure this is a really simple question, but I'm still new to all this electricity stuff. If I had two D batteries in a battery pack formation, so I'm drawing current from both of them, if the wire coming off the positive doesn't connect to anything else, and neither does the negative, will the batteries drain faster than they would if they were just sitting there? Here's a (cruddy) diagram.

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VIRON10 years ago
If you connected enough (like 9V) batteries to make over 1000 volts, then you'd see a very dangerous difference, like a stun gun. (In tube radio days they actually sold 300 volt batteries.)
lemonie10 years ago
No problem there, just remember not to 'cross the streams' L
Bran (author)  lemonie10 years ago
Thanks, that's good.

just remember not to 'cross the streams - do you mean put positive to positive, negative to negative, or the two wires carrying current (the ones not connected)?
lemonie Bran10 years ago
Sorry I was just quoting Ghostbusters. But connecting the two wires you have labelled as "not connected" shouldn't be done. L
Bran (author)  lemonie10 years ago
Ah, a short. Gotcha.
Brennn10 Bran10 years ago
It would make a hot battery!
Kiteman10 years ago
No difference at all.
CameronSS10 years ago
Not really. There's no circuit, so no electrons are jumping.