Quick connect gas natural gas line

I need someone to show me how to make a gas line with a quick connect to the natural gas extension on my deck (comes out from under the crawlspace) to my BBQ. A ready made one is muy expensive!  Thanks!

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crapflinger6 years ago
they do have natural gas grills*. typically they're not natural gas by default though.

*typically people in the US refer to "natural gas" when they're referencing the stuff that's piped into your house by the utilities company as opposed to LPG (liquid petrolium gas) . also natural gas typically refers to the gas that's taken directly out of the ground and then (after a bit of cleaning) heads out to your house. where as propane or butane are refined.
Ah! Thank you for that information. The ones you link to look like they're meant to be built-in, rather than roll around, eh? If the OP is looking for connecting something to a house natural-gas line, then the argument against doing a homebrew job is even stronger.

Would you put a DIY gas connection on your kitchen stove, or water heater? And would you want your children to be in the same house?
me? not a freakin chance! especially if i was the DIYer, it would be so far away from code

they do  have portable grills that have the ability to do "regular" natural gas (as opposed to LP). it's all in the regulator (if i recall correctly) since it doesn't have to compensate for the higher preassure of an LP canister and enlarging the orifices in the burner distribution thingamajigger (not sure what it's called, but it's not where the gas comes out and lights on fire, its where the gas comes out and mixes with air before going down the burner tubes).

not sure WHAT the OP even is asking for or what they consider expensive, but the DIY instructions that i've seen aren't THAT bad, basically just a drill out, some math, and a call to the utility

kelseymh6 years ago
As Kiteman said, propane (not "natural gas") lines are expensive because they are made to be safe and not explode in your face. You will need to follow the appropriate NFPA, ASTM and ISO specifications, in order to make your own to the same safety standards.

I think you will find that it will cost you more in components, tooling, and labor than to buy a ready-made certified assembly.
Kiteman6 years ago
The reason they are expensive is because they meet safety regulations.

Plus, gas barbecues are usually designed* to run of propane or butane - natural gas is methane.

*It's all down to speed of burn and amount of air that needs mixing into the feed.