Hey guys. Yes, you read right.

I am quitting knex and instructables. And if you think this is a joke, just go away now.

And before you try to argue, I've already sold my knex, and moved on. I have more important things in my life to deal with right now, something real big. And important.

So, i guess this is goodbye, i may be around and back here a couple of times every 8 months or so, but for now, its goodbye. I have handed my password over to Shadowman39, i know he will take care of it, and will look after it for me =)

Thanks for all your support over the years guys, you're all awesome.

Thanks for viewing, and goodbye, Hiyadudez.

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Hiyadudez (author) 7 years ago
And who said I'm 12?
I think your facebook but I'm sorry I'll remove it.
MegaMetal87 years ago
seriously this site is falling apart
And it doesn't help with you not posting anything
Harsh.....(I know I don't post anything either)
I told him that because he is one of those who run out of Ideas quickly, he joined in January and is in 'semi-retirement' already, which means he will not post stuff.
like anyone wants my stuff :(
Well, your shotgun is awesome. Thats 1.
Like I said in the comment below, your stuff is way better than the standards of people who has been doing Knex in the time you have joined- You have become good quick!!, only 5 months! and making good guns, that is an achievment!
It has taken me 2 YEARS to get to where I am now, and in 5 Months you have nearly double the amount of Knex Instructables that I have. Normally, people give up after 2 yeaars, but I still enjoy this site, because I don't rush things...
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