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this weeks quote was used when a person said "in my opinion rock sucks"

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, yours is just wrong.

-logic boy

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Ha ha. I like that one.
When someone is telling me something I don't care about. "I don't care."
When someone is asking me a stupid question("Is a penny a solid?" WTF?) "Google."
"It is better to temporally displease someone by doing what you know is right, then by pleasing  them by doing what you know is wrong." (Might not be a direct quote, but to that extent.)
Koosie6 years ago
The anticipation of death is far worse than the actual death itself.
- Steven Seagull (I think)
"My opinion is not going anywhere, but you're free to go."
PKM6 years ago
You are entitled to your opinion, you are not entitled to your own facts.
Everyone you know will one day be dead.

(Actually, I find this thought extremely interesting for some reason...GET THE CHILDREN ON HERE otherwise this entire forum will one day fall silent...)
I'm trying.

Certain other people could think about putting some effort into breeding a new generation of Makers?
 XD Can't I just babysit existing birds and constellations instead?
Babysit constellations?
I particularly like Orion.
Also TLAs are totally BA.
Huh? I actually was not referring to Men In Black. :D
I know. But I was.
And, my favorite is Cygnus.
As long as you are licensed (see the <a href="http://www.thisistrue.com/currentissue.html">second story</a>).<br />
I can help!
All you really need is a one-gallon carboy, a good insulated heating wrap, and the right growth medium...
Could we please wait until the children show a little maturity first?
travw6 years ago
I've said something similar, but it was actually more like: "Yeah, well my opinion is that you're not entitled to your opinion!"<br />
gmjhowe6 years ago
 Wow, sounds like something I would say!
You probably have ;->
 Its my favourite reply to someone whom will not take on someone else opinion, gets them really worked up.The only thing that then gets them more worked up is to say 'Actually, sorry, my bad, you were right all along'
*sigh* Tell me about it....<br />