R2D2 is at Instructables HQ Right Now!

R2D2 just arrived for tonight's Make SF event!

Picture of R2D2 is at Instructables HQ Right Now!
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I spy with my little eye something hawaiian...no, never mind, that's not Kelsey.
ewilhelm (author)  Lithium Rain9 years ago
He's here!
>clenches fists with Adrian monk Disneytopian Blinking Hand of Righteousness...oh yeah<
sigh....I tried to keep him answering to posts here, but he bugged out when I was busy elsewhere. :-)
Did you fall for that "Look, your shoes are untied," bit again or did you glaze over when he tried to explain the difference between a neutrino and an arduino?
by neutrino do you mean holly's weapon of choice in the artemis fowl series or some precise scientific thing
Neutrino: The neutrino is an elementary particle which holds no electrical charge, travels at nearly the speed of light, and passes through ordinary matter with virtually no interaction. Neutrinos are created as part of radioactive decay.
This decay was observed in 1896 by Henri Bacquerel, when he noted that certain atoms seem to emit electrons (a process known as beta decay). In 1930, Wolfgang Pauli proposed an explanation for where these electrons could have come from without violating conservation laws, but it involved the presence of a very light, uncharged particle emitted simultaneously during the decay. Neutrinos are produced through radioactive interactions, such as solar fusion, supernovae, radioactive decay, and when cosmic rays collide with the Earth's atmosphere.
No, being at work, I had to do some.....work, that is :-)
I did give Eric your most excellent Hawaiian-shirted Robot (and I wrote your name on it) :-) He's got a huge pile of pages now ("two inches," Eric said).
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