Ok 1st - this is like the best contest instructabes has ever done.. 2nd - ...only...people...from...usa...can...friggin...win... 3rd - refer to topic title.... Anyone from UK want to storm America with bear cavalry?

Picture of !!! RAGE LEVEL OVERLOAD !!!!
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=SMART= (author) 9 years ago
United we stand against the green faced man, FORWARDS COMRADES !!!!1!!!!
Derin =SMART=8 years ago
MY ARMY JOINS the flag is just for giving confidence
=SMART= (author)  Derin8 years ago
YES ! Those vans and buses are really transformers !!
Derin =SMART=8 years ago
REA =SMART=9 years ago
Chanbot ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plasmana9 years ago
I am with you =SMART=!!

After I read "The only restriction is that the contest is US-only!", my rage level is well overload!!! >:-(

Oh, are there any bears in the UK?
It is a real shame... I had two great ideas (and a lot more), I don't know if I should enter them...
canida Plasmana9 years ago
Please go ahead and enter them! As you know, winning the Halloween contest isn't the only reason to put a project in. An awesome project could be included in our special International Halloween spot in the newsletter, get picked up by the big blogs/magazines, or even show up in the next Instructables Book. We try to keep the contests as wide-open as possible, but in cases where we have to be more restrictive we still try to do the best we can for our international members.
gmjhowe canida9 years ago
Ok, i know you have made several comments about this already, so to clarify, Im in the uk, am i right in saying that, if i enter the contest, i could still 'win' i just wouldn't be able to take receipt of the prize? i would essentially only be entering for the pride of winning? ALSO if i was to win, would i be able to nominate one of my friends in america to keep the prize instead?
i want to know the same I am in the US and don't really want the prizes sometimes... like if they were open to Europe for shipping, i could send it to my buddy ~~kiteman~~ gmjhowe!
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