Ok 1st - this is like the best contest instructabes has ever done.. 2nd - ...only...people...from...usa...can...friggin...win... 3rd - refer to topic title.... Anyone from UK want to storm America with bear cavalry?

Picture of !!! RAGE LEVEL OVERLOAD !!!!
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Plasmana7 years ago
I am with you =SMART=!!

After I read "The only restriction is that the contest is US-only!", my rage level is well overload!!! >:-(

Oh, are there any bears in the UK?
It is a real shame... I had two great ideas (and a lot more), I don't know if I should enter them...
canida Plasmana7 years ago
Please go ahead and enter them! As you know, winning the Halloween contest isn't the only reason to put a project in. An awesome project could be included in our special International Halloween spot in the newsletter, get picked up by the big blogs/magazines, or even show up in the next Instructables Book. We try to keep the contests as wide-open as possible, but in cases where we have to be more restrictive we still try to do the best we can for our international members.
gmjhowe canida7 years ago
Ok, i know you have made several comments about this already, so to clarify, Im in the uk, am i right in saying that, if i enter the contest, i could still 'win' i just wouldn't be able to take receipt of the prize? i would essentially only be entering for the pride of winning? ALSO if i was to win, would i be able to nominate one of my friends in america to keep the prize instead?
i want to know the same I am in the US and don't really want the prizes sometimes... like if they were open to Europe for shipping, i could send it to my buddy ~~kiteman~~ gmjhowe!
=SMART= (author)  Chicken22097 years ago
orrrrrrr me !
You can always pick up a collaborator. Have a friend in the US sign on as a collaborator, and then I'm pretty sure that would fix the problem. If you could trust your friend to send you the prizes!
Plasmana canida7 years ago
Okay, I will enter one of my idea, my other one is costly and difficult to build, so I will leave that out... Also, is this going to be like that for all the contests in the future? Or is it just this one?
Fasteners7 years ago
DainiusGB7 years ago
Why Instructables, why are you taking away our Halloween presents?
I'm simply taking them back to my workshop, my dear. I'll mod em up there (and write an 'ible about em) and then I'll bring them back here :-P
blugyblug7 years ago
You are so right. I mean seriously the entire USA doesnt know that there is a world beyond there borders. Maybe 10% know that there is, but all of them believe that the rest of the world is full of developing countries and have no money.
I think the real issue is that someone needs to make an instructable on how to become an American citizen. Then the problem would be solved.
=SMART= (author)  blugyblug7 years ago
yea lol 40% of americans dont have a passport
What do you mean outside our borders? Haven't we conquered everything out there yet? We must be slacking.
SFHandyman7 years ago
Wouldn't a US Collaborator fix the problem? If you can trust the collaborator that is. It's easy to add a collaborator.
REA7 years ago
=SMART= (author)  REA7 years ago
ya my bearz has laz3r resistant furz!!
REA =SMART=7 years ago
there is one thing you cannot defeat. ANONYMOUS
bumpus REA7 years ago
jakee1177 years ago
sucks to be in the uk... Go USA!!! (sorry guys, just kidding, in fact, I don't plan on entering...)
CarStalkerZ7 years ago
guess what november 9th is my bday
KentsOkay7 years ago
jeff-o7 years ago
Perhaps non-US winners could get the parts of their prize that CAN be shipped to their country. Or a T-shirt. That would be enough for me.
$ NAB $7 years ago
What you mean even if I win the contest I wan't get the prizes if I'm not from the US :(
tanntraad7 years ago
Can we non-US contestants still win even if we don't get any prizes? Hope so..
nicemag7 years ago
This news of a USA contest only is disappointing. I just wanted to point out that image you are using on the home page to promote Halloween Costumes is mine - made by a Canadian. ugh.
zieak nicemag7 years ago
Ooooh. That stings.
Plasmana zieak7 years ago
canida nicemag7 years ago
We're sorry this one had to be US-only; I'd encourage you to go ahead and enter your Halloween projects, as we'll be trying to do right by our non-US members by getting you some extra attention for your projects. Most of our contests are international, and we work hard to keep it that way.
nicemag canida7 years ago
Oh don't worry, I will definitely still enter - there's no way I wouldn't. It just feels weird to suddenly be excluded for geography. But that's ok, I love you all anyways.
caitlinsdad7 years ago
Tag team flag on the picture...naughty word as Nachomahma said in your double post. I don't see where only people from USA can win.
=SMART= (author)  caitlinsdad7 years ago
holy cow, really sorry i uploaded the wrong version !! doh !
I have put up the one i meant to now :P
only 5 people saw it + 3 of wich were me :S;;
Great, now what do we do about that missile headed for Russia?
=SMART= (author)  caitlinsdad7 years ago
strap bears to it !!
Don't forget the moose with pointy antlers!
well i saw two of these forums under the contest when i looked o.0
Make that 6.
OK, I read the fine print. Must have been blinded by the list of prizes.
canida7 years ago
Also, where can I get bear cavalry?!?
bumpus canida7 years ago
I hear some places in Alaska have grizzlies for lease. :D
zieak bumpus7 years ago
Not allowed to lease them. But you can borrow them.
Plasmana canida7 years ago
Why do you need it? You are in the USA! O_o
i don't get it...
okay let me put this in simple terms
the staff was all like lets have a Halloween contest
and the sponsors were like okay!
and then the staff were like looking a mailing prices
and then they were like oh no! look at these oversea prices
and then they were like only in USA people can join the contest
then =SMART= was all like oh no!
then he was all like lets post a topic
and then you were all like, I don't get it
and then I got all explainy-like
It wasn't the overseas prices - with this many contest partners we have to limit winners to the US for legal reasons. (So please blame lawyers, not shipping prices.)
That's incredibly annoying, mainly because I have a few entries planned and some of those prizes would have been hugely helpful to me, need to finish the kitchen project fast as well, either way our kitchen knives are losing stainlessness, sharpness and handles, the coffeemaker is atuck and I can't open it up because I'm no longer trusted...

The sewing machine would be good considering I'm not sure of the state of my mothers and we need curtains! Neighbours are finally appearing and after the last no curtains fiasco!

Hell I'm not asking for the stuff just the chance to try for it...
ohh, so only this contest is US exlusive...
Check out some of our other contests - the Hungry Scientist Contest also has a great set of knives as a prize option, and we'll be giving away another sewing machine soon.
I was really just griping... But I have something for the hungry scientist contest that should be good, 'cept it may be the final nail in my coffin...
oh, so what happens to the contests you win???
Plasmana canida7 years ago
Where can I find those damn lawyers and blame them?!?!?!
and tight legal situations
and non-tight ones
and then i felt like replying because i was bored

we might as well get a comment chain going to help him get more views
Ooh once i saw a spider and i was like whoa! and he was like whoa! and i'm like whoa! that spider is saying whoa! and then the spider was like whoa! he can hear me Whoa! and I'm like whoa! the spider can hear me! and I was like ¡Hola señor spider!
I think the staff didn't give us a complete answer ; what legal issues? whose legal issues?

Also, why not have a "International Halloween Internet Fame Price of Glory"? The winner wouldn't win anything but fame, glory and Internets ?

=SMART=, I'm with you for your raid, but I'm in Canada so I'll breed moose instead as support troops!
It seems that contests with prizes may also fall under the U.S. Patriot Act which tries to prevent the transfer of money for terrorist-related activities by evil-doers.

Since the prize packs do constitute a "real" sum of money over some nominal limit, winners are subject to taxes and will need to provide proper identification (drivers license and taxpayer id number) and such in order to claim a prize. You may also need to be over 18, a US citizen and reside in the US depending on federal and state guidelines.


The preceding should not be taken as legal advice as only a real laywer can give real legal advice.
And you don't think your country is a police state yet ?!
I am not at liberty to answer that...wait, someone's knocking at the door...
=SMART= (author)  lordofthedonuts7 years ago
sweet !!! make their antlers pointy !!
Hephestus7 years ago
=smart= im with you if you can find us some bears lol
but i dont want to look like a mongrol and could i use a gun not a sword
canida7 years ago
We're sorry, but with this many contest partners the legal situation gets complicated. You're welcome to enter and garner incredible internet fame, you just can't win one of the prizes. We'll pick some great international entries to feature in the newsletter - hopefully yours will be one of them.
=SMART= (author)  canida7 years ago
Ok thanks ! :D
Derin7 years ago
i think same as you,but we are even farther than usa ULTIMATE RAGE OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*red warning light*EXPLOSION DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!eleven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one
marc927 years ago
Just have one of your member friends in America accept the prize on your behalf. Then have them ship the package to you.
xACIDITYx7 years ago
Why don't you folks at Instructables accept the prize then fedEX it to =SMART= if he wins?