what do you think of rubber band guns? do we have enough or should we get more? do you think they are just not worth spending time posting because they can only go so far? post what you think about them

Picture of RBG
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wildar977 years ago
dude you have to post this even if it's a rbg its still the only good looking m249.
This was posted over 2 YEARS AGO!  He's not even on the site any more.  You really think he still has this?
well how am i supose to know
I love RBG's. I've made quite a few full auto ones. Check them out.
knexsniper18 years ago
aww, i wish it would shoot real bullets, that would've been really cool, but this is really great!
J4mm3r58 years ago
looks good for an rbg
one of us should build another better M249 and post it and make him feel bad about himself!

I think you have way too many pieces. BTW RBGs are awesome moah pleez!
do you think that you could rebuild the internal structure and the one side so that some of us could actually build it?
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