RBGs- True Semi-Auto or Not?

Alright so I'm having a "civilized discussion" with Mykhailo/whoever you call him now and he's arguing, just like plenty of others, that RBGs are not true semi auto because of the reasons soon to be listed. Comparing RBGs to real firearms (which I understand are not exactly alike in plenty of ways) I find that they're more like a true semi automatic than what you guys would call true semi autos. Just listen to my argument and see if you can at least understand what I'm saying.

The majority of your arguments for why an RBG is not a true semi auto is that you have to prepare a band for every shot. Some of you compare this to cocking a weapon more than once for every shot. I find this a bad comparison. In real fire arms, the firing mechanism isn't what launches the bullet. It triggers the powder which then in turn shoots the bullet. An RBG is similar to this. Each rubber band acts as the "powder" for the bullets. The RBG firing mechanism simply sets them off. You also have to prepare real cartridges too. Does it matter if it's you or not who makes them? You still have to mix up and add the powder all the same as you must add RBs to your weapon. This brought up the argument that it's still not a true semi auto because the bullet isn't self-contained in an RBG. OK I have two things to say to this. First, now bullets decide the firing mode of a weapon? Secondly, what about ooda's RBG ammo. That's self contained, isn't it? The bullet is attached directly to the RBG.

What do you guys think?

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I say that they're true semi-auto. Pulling back the bands and hooking them onto the ratchet is comparable to loading the magazine, not to pulling back the slide.
TheDunkis (author)  mettaurlover6 years ago
A little late to the party, bud...
But I compare priming the bands to mixing and storing the powder because that's what the equivalent power source is for real firearms.
Still, some people thought that pulling them back was like pulling back the firing pin for each shot.
TheDunkis (author)  mettaurlover6 years ago
Which was somewhat true. I'd compare pulling back the pin to musket loading. You load the charge and then you load a round. RBGs have separate charges all on one gun. I'd further prove my point by getting my full auto RBG idea to work but I still haven't figured out how to make a good band release mech.
Heh. "full-auto" RBG? What RBG ISN'T full-auto? I haven't found a decent semi-auto mech yet.
TheDunkis (author)  mettaurlover6 years ago
Well that's the thing. I figured out a way that should work because it's based on real automatic firearms. The problem is that I have yet to find a near frictionless mechanism. I'd need a trigger that takes hardly any effort to pull.
vog1157 years ago
semi auto true
TheChemiker7 years ago
Ok, can we stop comparing knex guns to real guns?  There is almost no similarity!

RBG are true semi-auto, because what happens when you pull the trigger?  A shot goes out.  Pull it again.  Another comes out.  WOW, each time a pull the trigger without doing anything else, it shoots.  Therefore, it is semi-auto, one trigger pull=1 shot.  Of course reloading is different.
But the argument against it is that loading 8 shots into it is like pulling back a firing pin 8 times and shooting it.
So?  It is still techically semi-auto.
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