RC helicopter cinematography

Both RC helicopters and DSLRs have shown some amazing advances and when they're combined the results are amazing. Eric Austin has a company called Heli Video that specializes in this with a helicopter-mounted Canon 7D and the footage rocks. With a free-roaming helicopter he can get shots that swoop in and out and then look down from above without any need for a crane or anything else. There are also no mistakes allowed as a crash means several thousand dollars worth of gear get wrecked.

Check out the first video to see what this technique can do and the second for a view of the helicopter at work.

via Core77

Picture of RC helicopter cinematography
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Netjunnkie7 years ago
Yea its only good for about ten minutes or so cause the battery goes really quick and the motors can get really hot. Even with top price parts.
spa31rky7 years ago
One thing is.......yeah what you have here is really great too......but the Military has had such items in use for over ten years now. Oh, and no they don't have any defense to them. They are battery powered so to keep them more stealth and they are used for RECON. But I bet the military ones are not as cheap as yours. We all know the military pays $500 for a toilet seat.......used!
PKM7 years ago
RC helicopters and UAVs are the way forward for photography. Imagine the aerial mapping you could do with a helicopter with GPS waypointing flying passes at a few hundred feet taking photos.
Goodhart PKM7 years ago
And I suppose, with one's own automobile, one could even overcome the distance problem (if one needed to film a great distance).
PKM Goodhart7 years ago
Yes- if you wanted to map an area further afield than your own house :) Thinking about it I knew I couldn't be the first to think up GPS + UAV + camera- lo and behold, the DIY drone forum has a section dedicated to aerial photography here. They mostly seem interested in mapping large areas, though, and I figured the unique advantage of RC aircraft mapping would be the ability to get amazing resolution from low altitude.
Goodhart PKM7 years ago
And the safety in involved.....a crash doesn't mean death :-)
gmoon7 years ago
This has largely replaced aerial photography for advertising. They get much more dramatic shots (with wide-angle lenses) at the lower altitude, even fly right through architectural structures (arches, bridges, etc.) with ease. It's fun to see it in HD. (Ten years or so would have been a great time to break in; it was wide open then. An RC 'copter and good vid camera were about the price of your boss's crew cab...)
Awesome though a weapons system would be handy
Goodhart7 years ago
That's wild :-)