RC vehicle function modification

I have here a cheap rc vehicle with foward//turn capability. Is there some way i can alter the controls to make it turn left and right? The front wheels arent restricted to left or right only, they turn freely in either direction but the remote only has a turn button. (Pics of front and back of remote just added. Some sort of switch activates each motor but the control is either on or off from what I can tell. Although from what I can see, simply adding a couple of switches with foward/reverse functions soldered directly to the board would do what I needed.)

Picture of RC vehicle function modification
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kithso (author) 8 years ago
This project is currently on hold till I get the bigger stuff out of the way. Old microwaves, vacuums, washing machines etc take up alot of space hehe.
110100101108 years ago
can you get 2 independant signals from the remote ? from the circiut in the car ?
kithso (author)  110100101108 years ago
yeah, one single for foward, the other for turn
can you remove the circuit from the car and apply voltage to the motors (directly) so they go the way you want ?
kithso (author)  110100101108 years ago
yeah, 9v runs the motors in either direction depending on which side is pos/neg. That part I can figure out, its the control im unsure about.
are there 1 or 2 motors ? how are they set up ?
kithso (author)  110100101108 years ago
I took the truck apart. One motor, it seems one button is foward and one is reverse. The reverse button causes the wheels to unlock from the straight ahead position and allows it to turn. So maybe its suck the way it is?
try to modify it mechanically so that it can do what you want when you connect batteries directly to the motors then map what you have to give to each motor for each mode and we'll be ready to design the control
kithso (author)  110100101108 years ago
I think the control might be the problem. With 1 button for each function, how can i map 2 functions to each button? And for that matter, the board in the vehicle has only the solder points for a single motor. Im not sure I can get around that.
button 2 switches modes button 1 drives in the currently chosen mode now you can make as much modes as you wish
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