Hello everyone, I was wondering Couldt someone mayby make a gun with a magg That has rubberbands in it + a bullet And then u make some trigger system that pushes smal railes Up with the firing stuff Inside the magg Thank y`all for reading and GOOD LUCK !!

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beameron (author) 8 years ago
What i mean whas Iff u wouldt make some smal bars That have the firing system On the bars, And u can then push those bars up. The rubberband While shoot Off once the bar comes above the Magg It then hits the bullets And the bullet fly`s away. I acctually mean. Some very very little gun Made into a bigger gun That while fire The little guns When ever YOU want it to.
Like mine? Storm 222...
KentsOkay8 years ago
Say WAH??
Say WAH??
Der Bradly8 years ago
Use better grammer, please.
It's funny 'cos you spelt grammar wrong.
Blame my 2nd grade teacher
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