look on for plans of a 2X4 recumbent. No welding and no special parts needed.

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watersaver8 years ago
this used to be free....
bikeboy (author) 11 years ago
I just came across this site and liked it, so I posted it here. I don't know this guy, but you know now how to make a wooden recumbent:) Just import that nice black and white picture in a CAD or 3D prog and take the 26 inch wheels in mind as a reference for the real size. Look on for more info.
FrenchCrawler11 years ago
Yea it is:
Pay for the design plans of the bike, though technically the pictures more or less show how one could make one. But first I still want to post a "design" for that other bike that was spam (Bug-a-something?), it'd be simple to make and would anger the people who spammed....
trebuchet0311 years ago
this almost feels like spam.. iono, I'm on the fence :P
It's definitely spam.
It has the look, the smell, the feeeeeeel... of spam.