So I've got a real problem with leaving my stuff behind when I head out the door, and I was wondering how possible it would be to have a small device to help that. What I was envisioning, essentially, was little chips, RFID chips maybe, that you'd attach to your phone, wallet, keys, anything else. A reader would sit by the door, low power enough to give it just enough range to scan the doorway. You'd leave, but there'd be a sign on the wall showing checkmarks next to the things you have. Adding something to the list shouldn't be too difficult, or setting up a different person. This could show on a screen or using some kind of mechanical method. Either way, shouldn't need to ever be more than eight items. Anyone done something like this?

MoserLabs3 years ago

You can do what I do. A well placed staple to the appropriate appendage. I haven't forgotten my wedding ring once since I started doing this!

...I also stopped wearing underwear...

mazzmn3 years ago

Good idea, I can relate and I've had a friend ask for something similar..he tried using GPS related events...Added a GPS based reminder to his phone which marks a location (like the end of his driveway) and his phone asks him if he remembered his keys, wallet, glasses, etc

How good are RFID readers these days? I remember reading about how grocery stores will someday be able to read all the prices of all the items in your cart without needing to remove them (thanks to strong RFID readers), but I've never seen that in action....sounds like what you are envisioning. If the RFID could scan you as you leave the door it could update the chart, but more importantly it should signal an alarm if you leave without something you've previously marked as essential (maybe your phone or laptop for example)

I've seen Bluetooth style discs that you can stick to things and the discs are meant to help locate them when missing (the remote control for example). I've seen variations where the chip causes and alert when your phone gets too far from your keys for example ...seem to be a bit pricey still

craftyv3 years ago
Neuro Plasticity: My son-in-law was the same. You have created a mindset that now repeats the same behavior, even though you know it doesn't work for you. Sometimes the old or simple ideas work well, eg. Create a designated dish, drawer or similar and put everything in there, train yourself to go there to put them away and pick them up. In the parlance of today, it's called Neuro-Plasticity. Write a check list of the key items in bold letters and stick on the door you leave by. Most important allow more time to prepare to leave so you are calm and not rushed. Also called behavior modification. I wont say good luck because luck has nothing to do with it. Have a good day.
Toga_Dan3 years ago

i saw a device on the market with a transmitter which could cause any of several small recievers to beep. The idea being that you keep transmitter in one spot, and a reciever on keys, tv remote, wallet, etc.