Finally, it has come. Time for us to make our own investigatory projects. And it has been bothering me even in my dreams..T_T. Guys, I really nid some help wid this 2pic. I really nid a feasible project and of course, an instructable to do it. I wud lyk to hear ol ur opinions, be it about electronics, robotics, biodiesel, ethanol production, anything. i juz nid a project. and our science congress is less dan 2 months from now. so that is my time frame for now. any project that can be accomplished within or shorter than 2 months will really be of great help. Thank you, guys! I am already sweating now. Our adviser is asking us to pass a methodology! waaah!!

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Kiteman9 years ago
> runs post through BabelFish <

> BabelFish hides behind the little plastic diver in his tank <

If I read that correctly, you are supposed to be coming up with an investigation-based project for a science contest. You need our help because you can't think of an idea, and the deadline is quite short.

Two questions:

How old are you?
What interests you?

Oh, and please tell me you normally spell far, far better than that?
brainwash (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
Well, I am just 14 and our adviser surely likes to squeeze things out of our heads. So that's what I am doing. I'm trying to get all the information I can lay my hands on. Right now, I am trying to produce ethanol out of this plant they call maguey (agave americana l.variegata). But just last night, I think, I stumbled upon an article saying that maguey is somewhat being used as a source of ethanol. That's why I'm getting anxious now. I tried reading some of the robotics write-ups in here, but since I do not have any background about it, I'm having a hard time understanding some terms.(our adviser and panelists really likes anything in relation to robotics and electronics, and she's really depending on us to bring the name of our school!)
If you're stuck for a quick experiment, try researching the effects of sea-water on freshwater biomes - things like the aftermath of the New Orleans storm-surge. Get some pond-weed, duckweed is the easiest, and grow it in normal pondwater, but with different amounts of salt added to simulate the effects of the sea over-topping the levys. Take macro photos of the weed over a period of several days or even weeks to record the health of the plants (dead duckweed turns white).
brainwash (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
i heard that this duckweed is being used as fish food here in the Philippines and that they are trying to increase the production of such. Perhaps it will be of great help if I prove that in a relatively salty water, duckweed will be able to grow, right? But then, my first problem is where to find this duckweed and where to culture it. Perhaps i'm gonna go try to ask our adviser. thanks again, kiteman!
The duckweed I'm talking about is the small plant that grows free-floating on ponds and in ditches.

Wikipedia link

Oh, you're right about the food aspect - apparently it's called khai-nam.

So maybe you'll be able to use your experiment to investigate the use of duckweed as a food crop in areas too flooded (by rain etc) to grow normal crops.

(I didn't know you were in the Philippines!)
brainwash (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
yeah, i'm from the philippines. well, do you suggest that I now leave the ethanol production that I was doing? Right now, I am in the process of fermentation and it pains me to discover about that article stating that 10% ethanol from maguey produces something. But anyway, thank you very much for that idea. Especially, now, we are being drowned by too much flood! haha.
It's entirely up to you (how much work would you waste?).

If you were starting from scratch, with less than two months to presentation, I would say go with the duckweed + saltwater, because you'll have time to repeat your tests to check your observations, as well as being able to prepare a decent presentation.
sbarron Kiteman9 years ago
I'll give ya one I'd like to work on as well..... Instead of running out to check the electric meter to see how much electricity I'ved used, wouldn't it be nice to simply plug a device into my wall plug and it give me how much electricity I've used and a dollar amount as to how much I've used. I'd really like to do this project but need some ideas to work with. Anyone who'd like to help, please jump on board and try to make this happen. Thanks
Kiteman sbarron9 years ago
They are already on the market - plug the device into the socket, then the appliance into the device (I can't for the life of me remember the name), and it tells you how much electricity you've used, and the cost.
You could use power line routers hooked up to your meter to tell you your entire house's consumption
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