RF shielding.. Help

I would like to know what materials I would need to shield, at least 20k watt microwave device, in a 10 foot by 10 foot space. I need to be able to work on the other side of the wall without danger.

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Goodhart8 years ago
This link should provide you with enough information.
VIRON10 years ago
Build your lab under a lake on the top of a volcano and operate it by remote control - very remotely. Sounds like another test of the Philadelphia Experiment.
lightpacker10 years ago
RF Shielding

Here you go
steven0710 years ago
Wear a Foil hat? No seriously Google Faraday cage? maybe? What are you Using this Creation for?
lieuwe10 years ago
already tried google?
lightpacker10 years ago
im not sure what that is but when i made my rf blocking wallet i just used aluminum foil try using the stuff used to make a faraday cage
schorhr10 years ago
20k watt? What are you trying to do? :-) A metal housing would be a start, but I have no idea if this allone will block 20kw.