R.I.P Les Paul =(

Les Paul died today, August 13th. The legendary guitarist reached 94 years old before he passed away from respiratory faliure. The guitar, the best gibson guitar and the one that made the rock and roll sound all possible is his namesake, and yet he doesn't get nearly as much media coverage as Michael Jackson. Why? Michael Jackson didn't write most of his material, and Les Paul has revolutionised modern music as it is today. Quincy Jones made it all possible for the singer, and the one with talent who is much older and more talented barely gets a mention on the morning radio. Here, I pay homage to a fellow guitarist, and inspiration.

R.I.P Les Paul! =(

Picture of R.I.P Les Paul =(
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Micheal Jackson, Billy Mays, the one women(What's her name) And know Les Paul. Who's next?
No, someone a lot of people would care about.
heheheheheheheheheheheh.............................good one
Brittany spears!
The Jamalam (author)  NYPA8 years ago
We can hope...
The Jamalam (author)  Rock Soldier8 years ago
Farrah Fawcet... and I don't know :( It's all happening this year lol...
and I don't know
The Jonas brothers or Hannah Mantanner perhaps?
The Jamalam (author)  Rock Soldier8 years ago
I hope so... I'll get my sniper rifle.
I'll get a pair of earplugs and a bazooka. Nobodies perfec... ( drops down dies from bullet wound.)
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