RIP Subscribe Button.

Has anybody else noticed that the "Subscribe" button has now become a little "Follow" button on Instructables? I mean seriously, Twitter rip-off anyone? Why did they even change it in the first place, it was perfectly fine as it was. How do you all feel about this (and all the other Instructables changes too?)

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happyjo6 years ago
:( i really miss it. *sniffle*
Sorunome6 years ago
I noticed it. And did you notice that they changed the font and when you read a pm that the reply button is higher than the deleat button? Why does ibles change that? It was perfect the way it was.
caitlinsdad6 years ago
The teams of lawyers from all the cults out there said you can't subscribe to anyone's thoughts or ideas just like that so they changed it. Now the lawyers from all the stalkers out there saying you can't just follow anyone around like that and will want that changed too. It's hard to be politically correct nowadays.
p.s. for all the knex'ers, will this no longer mean subbing each other but twitting or something better?

Followers man.

Kiteman lemonie6 years ago
I wonder how many followers you need to have before you qualify as the leader of a religion?

We might find ourselves in the company of the K'NEX Messiah...

K'nex is dying on this site, I doubt that. LOL
Nah, K'nex can't be saved....LOL
Hey, kids! Free Kool-Aid next Tuesday after school!


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