RMACR (Red's Mini Adaptive Combat Rifle) V.2

Apart from my Calico M-950 and my Magpul Masada ACR, the RMACR is my favorite build of all time. I sorta consider it my TR8 of magazine guns. As this is the case, I bring you the RMACR V.2. While it is not a huge change from the first version, it is still a great gun. Moreover, it may be generic to some people, but if a generic gun does its job, and does it well, what does it matter if it is generic. With ranges exceeding 50 ft., a 16 rd. magazine, a new (sturdy) stock, nice sights, this gun would excel in an indoor K'NEX war.

  • Looks great (IMO)
  • Sturdy (except the pistol grip)
  • New stock
  • Really nice pin-pull-length
  • 16 rd. magazine
  • Relatively good rate-of-fire
  • Really accurate
  • Fun to shoot

This gun can fire the ammo you see in pic #14 (which is THE best ammo, IMO), or it can fire white rods. It is very customizable, as you could change almost anything (except the mech) and it would still work great. Sadly, it does use broken pieces, and it's magazine is not "preloadable," but the gun is nice overall.

I am posting this as a forum topic because I want to gauge interest in me posting a full set of instructions.

-The Red Book of Westmarch

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The Red Book of Westmarch (author) 4 years ago
"i don't know what its called yet"

i have an idea if you are intrested.

name: "Reds Back-Pull Underbarrel Shorty" aka the RBPUS
Nope, already got a name. The Reliable.
Yup. =D
OatmealPie4 years ago
The Red Book of Westmarch (author) 4 years ago
Video added.
Where? Youtube?
No, it should be up there, by my description of the gun, above the pictures... Is it not there?
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