RMConstruction's knex Minigun V3 specs

Hello Everyone. I'm here with an update on my V3.

There are many new features compared to V2, which include:
Realistic unsuported rotating barrels
Can be mounted (and will be)
'Spade' Grips
Good angular rotation (For aim)
High power motor (remote control, which can pull heavy objects and high resisting ones)
Possibly a laser sight
Can be carried (Terminator 2 style)
High firing rate
High barrel revolution speed (Due to gearing)

Any other specs you'd like to see in an all-out awesome minigun? Post a comment here detailing what and i'l give it a go!

In the picture is the arlier version, which i've heavily tweaked since then.

Picture of RMConstruction's knex Minigun V3 specs
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RMConstruction (author) 6 years ago
Hi peeps. My K'nex has been away for a while now, and I think I may get it out again to finish this here awesomeness :-D
gassybeans6 years ago
gusrulz6 years ago
Dude, post post post!! Its awesome! And what motor are you using?? i can't find anything powerful enough. Gd work my friend!
TigerNod7 years ago
Cool! Don't change anything, it's perfect as it is.
rec0n7 years ago
Whens this commin out?
RMConstruction (author)  rec0n7 years ago
Might not be ever...
builder9688 years ago
I'm making a minigun now!

MAW POWA!!!!!!!!

^sorry had a crazy moment there

travw8 years ago
Wow. You really need a better camera. Or cameraman. Anyways, other than that, I'd take off the fake barrel, seems unnecessary.
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