Ok I was sitting at the end of my bed listening to my music (I plugged my psp into my stereo) and I had an idea make my room smart. For example door opens light comes on. I could even make it a security thing. But also I have about six things in different places in my room and they all need to plug into so maybe would make a little switch box/control unit.

So I was wondering if you could make your room smart what would you want it to do ?

hmm maybe i could make my MICROFROSTEY (mini fridge. (soon to make an instructable on it)) somehow work with this....


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A raspberry Pi would be really helpful for this project. that and an Arduino board.
Siri built into your walls! Kinda like ironman's JARVIS.
littlechef37 (author) 9 years ago
SMART HOUSE: Auto sprinklers, motion lights, Speakers in every room, a computer built into the house. I think a cool idea would be a usb port in your stereo thats built into your house. throw all your favorite music on it and then plug it in and it plays in whatever room you are in. Voice activated commands (eg; START DISHWASHER, END PHONE CALL, FIRE PLACE ON, HEAT RAISE to 22 Or even better a brain wave reader that allows you to think what you want your house to do. MUST HAVES -WIFI Wireless internet is a must have and is currently in most homes. -Server a computer with a large hard drive in it and evry other computer running from this one -Mac book air to connect to the main frame
Labot20019 years ago
ledzeppie's idea for the lights is really cool. yo could probably do a similar thing for your doors: have a motion sensor above your door, mounted at a downward angle, so that when you walked up to it,a motor would pull it open. it should also be noted that a "smart room" won't com cheap; you might as well just stick with the good ol' fashioned way of DIY :]
littlechef37 (author)  Labot20019 years ago
Why not those little sensors in security systems. Magnetic switch I guess ( are security guy left a big bag of them at our house.) Or maybe just one infrared sensor would be able to tell if you move so maybe after a minute or so it would shut off. then if you wake up to go to the bathroom the lights would come on(might need some sort of dim setting though.
an interesting concept. ive also thought about this. personally my dad wouldnt let me put wires through my walls or anything lol. But one thing that i can think of is a pressure sensor i your bed that makes it that so when you get on your bed your lights automatically turn off. i know that would help me lol (considering i only use my room to sleep in)
littlechef37 (author)  teaaddict3149 years ago
hmm that would be a good way to turn my stereo on. Im thinking a plastic piston and a couple of contacts and a spring
how about relays?
littlechef37 (author)  Padlock9 years ago
I think the bed would move to much when you sat/slept down and it would probably crush the little thing.
littlechef37 (author)  Padlock9 years ago
how bout have microphones all over your room and run them to a computer system. And then tell your room what to do better yet put a computer in every room with infrared sensors (so it Knows where you are) and network them all together.......
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