RSMG (Red's Sub-Machine Gun)

Well, I recently built this mag loaded SMG, but it is technically just a short version of Blue Mullet's RGMP. Tell me what you think...

40 ft. range
Cool looking
Making an extended mag would be easy
Fore-gripis included
Is a fantastic gun for a push trigger (a gun where the FP pushes the bullet against the trigger)
True trigger

Handle is only comfortable when the mag is inserted
Bullets only work well when a broken rod tip is inserted
Could use a stock

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Johnhall444 years ago
Neat =D
Thanks. =D
Knex.X4 years ago
I love you man, awesome
XD *awkward* Thanks man. =D
Not tring to spam but could you check out my gun?
I did... 0.-
i no
didexo4 years ago
Ok cool, but it basically is the same gun. Cool none the less.
Thanks. Yeah, it is practically the same gun (with some mods).
The Red Book of Westmarch (author) 4 years ago
BTW, the firing pin is missing in these pics...just in case you were wondering.