RSS Feeds not validating and not working in RSSOwl

At least 2 RSS feeds that are being generated are not functional in the RSSOwl aggregation software.  Also unable to display the feed in Internet Explorer 9 due to invalid character errors in Titles.  Chrome 26 does display the pages with errors present in the rendering.

Specific URLs:

The errors found by the validator can be found at the following locations:

OS - Windows7 64bit
Software - RSSOwl 2.2.0 and Internet Explorer 9

Picture of RSS Feeds not validating and not working in RSSOwl
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mbrinkm (author) 4 years ago
Both feeds are failing to validate/display again today (at least from 8am-10:30am EDT - 6/18). finds and XML parsing error caused by the author name.

When these issues occur, it seems that they are frequently caused by non-ASCII characters.
bill504 years ago
working in linux, kbuntu.
mbrinkm (author)  bill504 years ago
Which feed, both feeds? Also, what RSS aggregator software?

I checked my RSSOwl install on my Kubuntu 11.04 LTS this morning and, just as yesterday and today on Windows7, one of the two feeds was working but the "Featured" feed was still failing to validate with an error sufficient for RSSOwl to fail to display the feed. (I use RSSOwl and Dropbox to keep my feeds synced across machines). Since submitting this the "Newest" RSS feed began functioning yesterday.

If you follow the urls above you'll see that neither feed is validating. But, the "Newest" feed no longer has an issue that is stopping the aggregator/reader software from parsing and displaying the feed.

If it's RSSOwl, then I will submit a bug to them.
mbrinkm (author)  mbrinkm4 years ago
Sorry - should be Kubuntu 10.04 LTS not 11.
bill504 years ago
working in linux, kbuntu.