Radio Shack Bankrupt? How will it affect Instructables users?

Recently Radio Shack has declared bankruptcy. I know that tons of projects here on Instructables rely on Radio Shack, and some have even been sponsored by them.

How is this going to affect our ability to find and buy electronic components?

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gmoon2 years ago

From Wired mag yesterday (3/31/15): Sprint Has Officially Saved RadioShack From Extinction

RE: the article: Sprint stores will occupy approx 1/3 of each retail location. This could save the stores that haven't already closed due to the bankruptcy process.

If true, who knows what will constitute the remaining 2/3 of the retail space? RS sure seems to have nine lives...

All the Radio Shack here has closed long ago and have been replaced by The Source, which here anyway has almost no electronic components and their price are crazy. Last time I went there I paid $7 for a buzzer.

Now I only order from china on ebay and wait a month to get my electronic components.

gravityisweak (author)  Electrospark2 years ago

You must be in Canada. Back when I lived in Toronto I used to work at The Source and was told that it used to be Radio Shack there. That was a long time ago indeed.

sjmnetx112 years ago

will radio shack maintain the do-it-together website of instructables < > or other websites ? I was also wondering if makershed would take over some of radio shack since the two groups had some shared product lines.

gravityisweak (author) 2 years ago

It makes me sad to know that the only brick and mortar store I can go to if I want to browse electronic components will soon close its doors. I agree all the suppliers you mentioned are good, but they are also only online.

It goes back to the "showrooming" effect that is putting brick and mortar stores out of business. Sure, RS was the only place to take a look and touch electronics parts - if they had it in stock, but it was way cheaper to order online and had options to see if the parts were actually in stock. I am still leary of of ordering stuff overseas and waiting a month for shipping though.

I am probably the worst kind of customer for stores - I go there, handle the goods, get a feel for what I want, then go and buy the same item online.

gravityisweak (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

Good point, and with their incredibly high prices, nobody can blame you. I went there for a battery holder and I think they wanted $4 for a single AA holder.

The advantage of online stores is they have less overhead to pass on to the customers. Brick and mortar stores have to have a 3% to 6% markup on everything to make any money. It's the same reason Comp USA went under. They are in the market of serving Geek and Nerds. Those fairly well verse in technology so they are the first to adopt and see the benefits of online shopping. Hate to see Radio Shack fade away but they have held out longer than they probably should have. They tried just about everything.

Toga_Dan2 years ago

Just saw the 1st store in my area shut down. They say to expect 1/2 of their stores to close.

It certainly is tough to compete with online shopping, BUT I think theres a larger underlying reason for this decline. Kids in physics classes today run computer simulations as "experiments." Shop classes are on the decline. Our outlook is that if somethin is manufactured, its probably overseas. Discrete components? Does anyone learn that anymore?

Is there a way to keep a brick n mortar alive when so few people still solder stuff? BRAINSTOrm:

vending machines for components. Cheaper than idle employees ?

mini radioshack under roof with a bigbox, the way starbucks works. 80 square feet seems enough for them.

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