Radio Shack exploded this morning

In New York City, a Radio Shack exploded this morning. Well, to be more accurate, the sidewalk right in front of it exploded. A manhole explosion led to a transformer catching fire which led to 100 people being evacuated. So far, it looks like nobody was hurt, which is pretty amazing.

But still, a "manhole explosion"? They just explode now? I thought that only happened in Die Hard.


Picture of Radio Shack exploded this morning
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Anyone else wondering how someone knew when to take this picture, considering how fast the explosion was? Seems a little suspicious to me, unless that column of fire burned continuously.
Maybe a frame taken from the street cam? 
With a resolution like that and not aimed at an intertsection? Seems improbable.
This clip is not of the same place but if you have gas pipes and other stuff to burn...  Yep, people do take a smoke break watching these things.
 yeah right... pretty cool though

monnster7 years ago
What's more wonderful than that? MANHOLES EXPLODING?!!?!?!?!? 
 *inserts innuendo*
The only possible explenation I can think of is methane build up, and then some one lit a match...
 A frustrated customer spontaneously combusted

I never thought of it that way...
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