Radio Story on Tim Anderson

Long-time friend of Instructables Tim Anderson was recently profiled on radio station KALW. Didn't catch the show? No worries, you can listen to his interview here:


Picture of Radio Story on Tim Anderson
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FEDOR1115 years ago
Отличная фотография
bosherston5 years ago
Hey Any recipes? These things are springing up in the UK and we need to eat them ( well something needs to eat them anyway). The ones I've seen in Crystal Palace Park are brazen in their winter sunbathing - it's been a mild winter, but I hear they eat pretty much everything and anything.
OH, it's a snapping turtle. I always thought it was a falcon...
the smaller avatar at a glance did give the impression of a pirate.
Yeah, I thought Pirate also.
Kiteman ilpug5 years ago
I always worried about why the turtle's mouth is open - where's his other hand?
You starting a caption the photo contest again?
Well, here goes "I did not know Tim was a turtle COUGH!"
Oh... Now that you mention it, yeah. No wonder the turtle looks so irked.
Me too.