Radio Story on Tim Anderson

Long-time friend of Instructables Tim Anderson was recently profiled on radio station KALW. Didn't catch the show? No worries, you can listen to his interview here:


Picture of Radio Story on Tim Anderson
FEDOR1113 years ago
Отличная фотография
bosherston3 years ago
Hey Any recipes? These things are springing up in the UK and we need to eat them ( well something needs to eat them anyway). The ones I've seen in Crystal Palace Park are brazen in their winter sunbathing - it's been a mild winter, but I hear they eat pretty much everything and anything.
OH, it's a snapping turtle. I always thought it was a falcon...
the smaller avatar at a glance did give the impression of a pirate.
Yeah, I thought Pirate also.
Kiteman ilpug3 years ago
I always worried about why the turtle's mouth is open - where's his other hand?
You starting a caption the photo contest again?
Well, here goes "I did not know Tim was a turtle COUGH!"
Oh... Now that you mention it, yeah. No wonder the turtle looks so irked.
Me too.