RadioWaved NaH2O hydrogen generator for fuelcell Vanguard Citicar

I am vaporizing saltwater and beaming focused radio waves to free hydrogen atoms that are collected by a small "cyclone" style vacuum cleaner and fed into a fuel cell that produces energy to my Vanguard Citicar (1975 electric car), the wave producer, the vacuum, and the battery bank. It fricking works!

ari_sant5 years ago
More detail information pls
Did you notice that this posting is nearly five years old, and that the author did not even respond to the one (and only) comment made the day after posting?

You are unlikely to get any details, for which you should be grateful. Otherwise, you would probably spend a whole lot of money trying to build something impossible.
wow sounds cool, would love to see some pic,s of the set up and a discription of working and parts. fuel and power taxes make up a large lump of government revinues. :) STICK IT TO EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!