Rainbow Cake

This rainbow cake is a labor of love and sweetness. Getting all the colors right and laying down all that frosting takes some serious time and effort. If you want to learn how to make one for yourself or someone special, follow the link below for the details.

Say it with Cake... via Neatorama

Picture of Rainbow Cake
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An Villain7 years ago
*Scout cries*
lemonie8 years ago
Looks noxious, I think jelly / Jell-O would work better, you could backlight it too? L
A little dessert platter with an LED through the bottom. Not sure about the white section though, maybe if you made thin layers of white and used a bright enough LED then it would shine the whole way through? That would be great for parties.
Rainbows don't have white in them, but yes that sort of thing. L
This cake has white.
Yes, but rainbows don't. L
well... maybe they should.
Well, rainbows were "originally" white light, that is refracted into all the colors....having white is kind of self defeating :-)
 I suppose... haha.
Pssst,  I was humorously over-analyzing that ;-) 
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