Random "Draft" Instructables in different languages

All of the sudden I have 5 random draft instructables that are in all different languages? Hacked? Bug? I mean it's kind of cool but I don't know how it happened or if it's safe.

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wilgubeast4 years ago
Uhhh, we really should have told you we were going to do that.

As it turns out, your project is so awesome and popular that we wanted to feature it on our international sites. So your project was nearly-professionally translated into Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Belated congratulations! (And feel free to PM me if you have more questions. Or concerns. You might also have some of those.)

So, I had the same question, Googled it and found this thread. Follow-up question: each of the five drafts in other languages have both "edit" and "publish" links next to them in my drafts folder. Do I need to actually hit publish for them to go live? Or did you guys already do that? Just for neatness' sake I'd like to clean them up and get them out of my drafts folder if possible...

Those are machine-translated projects waiting on a language expert to clean them up. The goal was to translate some of the best projects on Instructables (hey, congrats!) to help launch the language-specific sites. They're in your unpublished queue because we want you to continue to get the credit for the excellent project you made, even if you didn't originally compose the project in Japanese, Chinese, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The translations are not quite ready for publication yet, so please wait to remove them from your Drafts folder. If they're really impacting how you use the site, send me a PM and we'll figure something out.

Ok, definitely not that big of a deal. I'm just a neat freak and wanted to go ahead and hit "publish" if they were ready.

Will we (authors) be able to see view counts, favorites etc in the different languages once they're posted? I'll be curious to see how popular my projects are in different regions/languages.

"Nearly-professionally translated"?

See Britt's comment above. Nearly-professional in that we're outsourcing the translations and cannot verify their accuracy with staff's existing linguistic skills. Some are pretty rough.
Btw. should you guys need help, I would be more than glad to do so.
Well, I guess it was charitable to award the contract to the sign language interpreter for the Mandela memorial service.
You're alive!

I'm on the road right now (well, stopped en route for a burger), so if we don't talk again for a few days, can I wish you all appropriate sentiments of the season?

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