Random Knex Challenge 5- Practicals!

Random Knex Challenge 5- Practicals! Don't know what practicals are? Well here is your answer:
Practicals are the kind of things you can use every day, such as whatever holders, door closers, ect ect... Meh, I can't be bothered typing more lol :-P


1st place- A PATCH, 5* on 3 of their ibles, fave 3 of their ibles, a sub from me!
2nd place- 5* on 3 of their ibles, fave 3 of their ibles, a sub from me!
3rd place- 5* on 2 of their ibles, fave 2 of their ibles, a sub from me!

Anyway, that is your challenge, you have to make something practiacal out of knex, here are some ideas to help you decide what to make:
  • Whatever holders (PSP, laptop, DS, ect.)
  • Laptop stands
  • Door closers and openers
  • Small things like door wedges
  • Tape dispencer
  • Pen and pencil pots
  • Furniture (Chairs, tables, shoe stands)
You get the idea? Good, here are some rules!-
  • Must be 100% Knex (Tape and string is allowed)
  • Must be practical
  • No guns!
  • Must be entered by Thursday 14th
  • No entries made before the competition started are allowed.
Entrants for this round:
  • Shadowman39
  • Mr. Muggle
  • Killer~safecracker
  • Knex gun builder
  • Chopstx
  • Seleziona
  • Haon
  • Knexfreak95
  • Pindahoofd

So, you in?, good, then let's get crackin'!

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TigerNod8 years ago
Thurstday the fourteenth? In januari or februari?
This contest is long gone.
Too bad. Quick reply though.
Shadowman398 years ago
I don't have enough time to build anything, sorry. I'll probably make it some other time, so don't tell anyone what I was going to make. ;-)
 can you pm me
i really hope i don't win by dEFAULT THAT WOULD SUCK
That would suck. XD. Hopefully more people will enter.
 crap thats how i win
Lol, oh well. You would've beaten my entry, though. I just didn't have time to build my idea.
 yeh right what was it
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