Random Pix from the Orlando Mini Maker Faire

Just some random pix

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You're still around!! We miss you, you know. :D
Tool Using Animal (author)  jessyratfink5 years ago
It's nice to be missed :-). I've just been too swamped between work and grad school to build anything. Now that school is done, hopefully once i find a permanent position, I'll have time to build more.

But I'll still be lurking until then.
Tool Using Animal (author) 5 years ago
Didn't realize it would only show seven images.
2012-05-26 12.59.26.jpg2012-05-26 13.02.31.jpg2012-05-26 13.06.15.jpg2012-05-26 13.11.14.jpg2012-05-26 12.53.46.jpg2012-05-26 13.02.42.jpg2012-05-26 13.02.49.jpg
That's all
2012-05-26 13.05.49.jpg2012-05-26 13.05.30.jpg2012-05-26 13.10.48.jpg2012-05-26 13.10.14.jpg2012-05-26 13.17.17.jpg2012-05-26 13.33.23.jpg2012-05-26 13.27.49.jpg2012-05-26 13.17.07.jpg

The laser-cut rocket is purty - did the Jansen walker actually walk?
Kiteman5 years ago
Want... more...