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Tiny words on a post. Low

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peach_fart8 years ago
iom, yhtuyjh;pio9nmgh ewikoythjh m,y rel;nblokexds (im typing with my elbows)
I saw a anteater dressed as a policeman or did I see a policeman cleverly disguised as an anteater
chaoscampbell (author) 9 years ago
Tiny words on a post. High



How'd you do that? Ahhhhh! I replied! Last time I replied on a forum like this, I got about 100 of these replies from a very annoying person:



Clogged my e-mail for weeks.
clogged with POO=?
Haha next thing you know you're going to have 300 of them. You could try having it so that the e-mails go into a certian folder.
toogers8 years ago
elcome-way o-tay merica-ay
toogers toogers8 years ago
i-ay an-cay ave-hay heeszeburgur-cay ?
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